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» Quiz: How well do you know your Olsen Twins movies?
How well do you know your Olsen Twins movies?
created by laura_e819

You know you love them- the cheesy movies where the Olsen twins cavort around the world doing fun things and meeting cute boys. But just how much do you know about the movies? Take the quiz and find out.

1.) In how many of their movies do the Olsen twins travel to foreign countries?
uh, who are the Olsen twins again?
Twenty Five

2.) What was the Olsen twins's first movie called?
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Full House
To Grandmother's House We Go
How The West Was Fun

3.) In Passport to Paris, what were the names of the twins' love interests?
Jean and Henri
Jean and Michel
Michel and Henri
Frank and Billy Bob

4.) What is the setting of Billboard Dad?
New York, NY
Venice Beach, California
San Jose, California
Sydney, Australia

5.) Which of the following qoutes was from Passport to Paris?
"Duh, its a hamburger, eat it with your HANDS"
"Maybe we could bump again sometime"
"Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour, Au revoir!"
"You got it dude"

6.) What is one thing the Olsen twins do to impress the kids at their school in Our Lips are Sealed?
star in the school play
win a big surfing competition
do the Macarena
crush soda cans on their foreheads

7.) From what country are the mob guys in Our Lips are Sealed?

8.) What is the Olsen twins's main line in Little Rascals?
You got it dude
Can I get some fries with that shake?
Are you sure?
Alfalfa is cute!

9.) In Winning London, what country is the Model UN team supposed to represent?

10.) The Model UN team ends up having to switch countries. By agreeing to switch countries, what do they get in return?
a limo to chauffer them around London
They get to pick whatever country they want to represent
they get an awesome suite
they get to go home crying

11.) What band does the theme song to Holiday In the Sun?
Barenaked Ladies
Backstreet Boys
Good Charlotte

12.) In Holiday in the Sun, what does one guy think is is going to have to clean up?
walrus poop
blood in the shark tank
pee in the kiddie pool
he needs to clean up his act

13.) How did the girls travel to the city in How the West Was Fun?
horseback, duh!
hitched a ride with a trucker
took the subway
rode mopeds

14.) In It Takes Two, what is one twin afraid her last name will become?

15.) At the beginning of Our Lips are Sealed, the twins fight using what weapons?
wet towels
blow driers
their long fingernails

16.) Which activity have the Olsen twins NOT participated in over the course of their movies?
getting arrested
sunbathing in the winter
getting makeovers

17.) In Getting There, what are the boys doing when they mess up their tires?
talking on their cell phones
getting hot sauce
getting donuts

18.) In what type of industry did the twins intern in When In Rome?

19.) In how many Olsen twins films is there an adult hookup?
more than 3

20.) What gets dumped on the head of the host of the Challenge?
dead fish

21.) Where is the Challege set?
Cabo San Lucas
Puerto Vallarta

22.) What happens after the twins's car gets stolen?
Their parents ground them
Their parents buy them bus tickets
Their parents throw them a backyard bbq that night
their parents buy them a new car

23.) In Getting There, one guy's name is also the name of a food. What is it?

24.) There is a guy in New York Minute who was on a Disney Channel Original Movie. What movie was this?
Miracle in Lane 2
Going to the Mat
Double Teamed

25.) Which are the 2 BEST Olsen twins movies?
Getting there and Holiday In the Sun
Winning London and Passport to Paris
Passport to Paris and Our Lips are Sealed
The Challenge and New York Minute
New York Minute and Switching Goals
Winning London and When In Rome
Holiday in The Sun and When In Rome

26.) Which Olsen twins movie uses the cutest guys?
Passport to Paris
Holiday in the Sun
When in Rome
Our Lips are Sealed
Winning London
New York Minute
Switching Goals
To Grandmother's House We Go

27.) And finally....drumroll please...which Olsen twin is better?
I can't even tell them apart!! So I like them equally.
Eww I hate the Olsen twins.

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