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» Quiz: Which guy should you be with?
Which guy should you be with?
created by derek_jessica

I have chosen five men (and one demon posing as a man) from three books. I will decide, through a series of questions which one of them is right for you.

1.) Now for that over worked and under payed question: What is your favorite color?
Black, reds, you know, demonic colors
Anything dark.... I like dark
I have no time for questioning. I have work to do
Yellow! NO ORANGE! Something bright!
I like earthy tones... greens....browns.... and blues...
no comment

2.) Lest say you were cutting o doing drugs or some other self-destructive thing, how would he get you to stop?
He wouldn't! I'm doing what I like to do and he likes to watch... join in... whatever.
He would get angry. He hates stupidity and self-damaging things are stupid to him... can't say I disagree...
He would gruffly tell me to knock it off and get some sense.
I would never do something like that!
he would be supportive and loving, but he would force me into rehab or a councilors office. gently though...
he would just go with the flow guiding me in the right direction.
this was an accident. please do not pick this or I will be forced to send my demons to kill you.

3.) If you disapeared what would he suspect had happened?
He woudl think that your absence was due to some devilish trickery of his commerades.
He would immediately suspect that his former associates had found out that he had a mistress and had taken it as his one weakness.
He would sail to the ends of the earth to find you.
He would also sail to the ends of the world but he would plunge into it blindly forgetting even to get rations. :rolls eyes:
My beloved would stop at nothing to find me. He would risk life and limb. He's kinda used to dodging unfriendly spells...
He would cower and conjure a demon to find me.
Shit. this is another of those stupidity boxes that I accidentally put here. Again if you click this I will be forced to send out demons to kill you.

4.) How much does he know about Psychology?
he's just heard of it today. He quite likes using it for self benifit and evil deeds.
he knows much of the subject and could hold an intellectual conversation with me about one aspect of it for hours.
He doesn't need it for sailing so he doesn't care much.
He knows not of this. he doesn't really need to either. he can make anyone smile but can also annoy the hell out of anyone he wants to too.
He knows much but doesn't find the need to used it.
he knows almost as mcuh about that as he does human anatomy. he thinks both are a cosmic joke.

5.) If you were to go out to dinner with your man, what would he order?
If he were in his human form he would engorge himself on meat pies, cakes, and ichor. As a demon he would have only a glass of ichor and you. :wink:
he would have a steak, medium rare.
He would like a fish stew and some hot tea.
what she said
ichor. and maybe a bit of soup.
chicken alfedo. same as I'm having.

6.) What is his view on death and dying?
it's a nice hobby for mortals.
It would be a welcome comfort after this life of pain and uncertanty
he tries not to think of such things since his sister died. his brother died very recently too. :(
He dies in the first book. :sobbing: I miss him.
it is something that happens to all of uys. He;d rather that it came later rather than sooner but it will come eventually anyway.
It can be avoided.

7.) I'm getting tired.... well question is... was he virgin your first time together?
HELL NO! three thousand year old virgin? with that body? I think not.
No. He may not seem like the kind of guy that would be getting alot of sex, but he sure does get his fair share
no comment
yes. it was so cute.
no, but I am one of two who have been with him.
No one wants to THINK about that. :shudder:

8.) I'm getting lazy.... this will end soon..... is constantly thinking about sex? horny?
YES. when he's not thinking about sex he's thinking about mayhem and destruction.
he thinks about it. all guys do... but I wouldn't say all the time. unless he's with me... :wink:
he's usually too busy or mourning his dead family to think about stuff like that.
not really. he thinks about it and is quite good at it when he has the tiem though...
He's regular guy. of course.
probably. he's with those stupid body parts all the time. sewing them together. I bet he does...

9.) one word to describe him.
Dammit. I hate this. fuck those boxes. this is kill box.

10.) I want a quote from him.
Be a Doll and rush out and get them. I'm running out of ichor and I don't dare resurrect these creatures befor I have eyes for them.
Don't pull it out! It'll bleed worse.
don't think just do it.
when would you have us sail?
Wardrobes, the gap beneath beds, the copboards under the sink
Clearly fame isn't everything.

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